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    Front Derailluer--R0@D!# Content

    So I bought this nice new Shimano FD on Ebay the other day and it is supposed to have a 31.8 mm clamp on it. I get it in the mail and it seems to be too small. Is it possible to mount a new clamp, bigger obviously, on the same derailluer so I don't have to buy the whole thing again?
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    If you can find a new clamp, I bet it would be as much as a new derailluer.

    Parts list here.

    edit -- Looking at the diagram, you can only get a clamp for the braze on type.
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    If it's a braze-on derailleur with a bolt-on clamp adapter, sure, probably, maybe even worth the money. Otherwise I kinda doubt it.

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    i have a deore 31.8 fd top swing if its needed. its top and bottom pull

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    Maybe you could find a good machine shop to remove some metal from the inside, so it will fit?
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