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Thread: Fox 100 RLC (not mine)

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    Fox 100 RLC (not mine)

    Although this sounds like Davem's post, this really is posted for someone else:

    I have a Santa Cruz Blur, bought in late October 04. It has a Fox
    100 RLC fork. This month, it started to make a squishing sound on
    impact. it sound like hydraulic oil squeezing through an orifice,
    maybe with entrained air. Is this anything to worry about? If not,
    why was it quiet until now? It seems to be working ok.
    I tested the Litespeed test bikes at MB last fall, and one I tried
    had the same noise, but louder. Any fork experts out there?


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    my Vanilla did that when i got it back from Fox.

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    May or may not "want" an oil change ... can't recall off the top of my head what Fox says in their manual but it is common that many forks will benefit from an oil change after break-in.

    The good side is that it isn't completely a PITA to do, my first time I did mine it took about 45 minutes - but I was going very slowly and carefully (Vanilla RLC).

    The second time took less than thirty minutes.

    May be worth changing the wiper seals out at the same time, it's not an expensive kit and good peace of mind that you don't have crud incursion via the seals.

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    Accumbens...a cleaning to make sure that the oil in there is not dirty would be a good first step.

    in most cases, it seesm extreme settings on the rebound and compression adjustments cause the oil to make a bit of noise as it's forced through the piston holes (see turbulent and laminar flow).

    the other most common case is a lack of oil. usually a few CCs but it's worth a check. again, during a cleaning of the fork would be ideal.
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