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Thread: 7 speed to 8 speed - freehub body?

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    7 speed to 8 speed - freehub body?

    Is it possible to run an 8 speed cassette on an older 105 7 speed hub? I'd have to get a new freehub body, right?

    I'm asking for someone else. I ran an 8 speed cassette on once was a 7 speed hub one time, but I believe I had to replace the freehub body.

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    Yes, should bolt on fairly easily. I've done this to bikes before (not with 105, but with other shimano).

    I'm a bit paranoid since shimano tends to change the outer race seals between revisions, so for example to upgrade my wife's 2nd bike from 7-spd to 9, I got an LX rear hub on sale for like ten bucks, and am going to pull the freehub, bearings, cones 'n so forth, and seals for the freehub side. I'll keep the old seals for the NDS so that the connection with the hub is better.

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