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    I've been using White Lightning G4, White Lightning Original, and Finish Line Krytech trying to decide which to settle on. The G4 stuff was too gunky and I wanted something like the WL of years past so I went with WL Original. That ended up being too thin for my tastes and Carlos suggested Krytech. It was good, but about the same consistency as the WL Original. Hmmm. So I got a new chain, cleaned it, then put the chain in a Ziplock bag with some WL G4 and also some WL Original to thin it some. Worked the stuff in and let it soak for a bit. After that, I ran the chain through a rag to get the excess off and hung the chain to dry. Damned if it doesn't look just like the old WL that worked so well. It flakes so when any dirt gets stuck to it, that just flakes off. Of course, the stuff will need to be reapplied every so often and more if riding wet stuff but it looks good so far.

    Is this significantly better than just using the WL Original or Krytech on it's own? No. But I had a bottle of G4 just sitting there so what the heck. I'm sure the same thing will work with the Krytech since it's so thin too. We'll see.

    And the Krytech smells good. Like coconuts. All are readily flamible for hours of ammusment.

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    yeah the Kry Tech DOES smell like coconuts.

    try it in a mixed drink to add a little tropical flavor.

    light 'em up!

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