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Thread: Homestyle Patching

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    Homestyle Patching

    So I tried this rubber cement/old tubes fix and it seemed to work well, but one of my patches loosened and one tire won't hold the patches. Is there something more permanent that I can use but still retain the integrity of the tube material?

    If it's not practical, what commercial patches seem to work well for at-home patching (not trailside patching)?

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    If your patching tires try superglue.

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    hmmmm....i like the park glueless for home and trail use. if you don't rough up the tube, rather, add a drop of water to a clean cloth and rub the area to a nice sheen, the patch will hold for a good while.

    i've got 4 patches on one tube that have been on there for 4 months.

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