What are my options? One specific LBS wasn't too helpful. I have a 98 Trek VRX that I need to install a BB and crank onto. Problem is, I have neither. The OEM was a 113mm square-taper and it has an E-type front Der. I had acquired a 112.5mm XTR set that unfortunately didn't quite work (any one need it? I don't) as it was just that much too short (chain on granny gear was hitting a small bulge on derr. bracket).

some questions:
1. how do modern x-type external bb/cranks compare to 'spindle' lengths? Obviously the external bearings are going to provide some spacing but how does this compare to older spindle lengths? I've not seen x-type BB/Cranks that specificy a spindle length
2. can I use an x-type bb/crank? I've thought about removing the Race Face Atlas I have on my 575 to test fitment issue, but this is one of the priciest options I can think of to fix it. All I need is an older type of correct length and a crankset to match. Just having difficulty in finding.

Any ideas or comments welcome.