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Thread: Front Derailleur

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    Front Derailleur

    I broke my chain riding earlier in the week, replaced the chain and realized the damage the broken chain had done. It took out a few rear spokes and the front derailleur is jammed up. I took it off, cleaned it up but when reattaching the cable I stripped the screw that secures the cable. I'm sure the 8 spds are hard to come by in decent shape so what should I upgrade to?


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    nspctr1...were you able to find a replacement?
    It’s impossible to rate welding/brazing quality by looking at a finished frame joint, even an unpainted one. Files, sandblasting, and a good paint job can take care of that. Such a joint will look stellar unpainted, but won’t last. Yet people all the time look at frames and say, “Nice welding/brazing…” The point isn’t to make you paranoid, just to stop saying things like, “That’s nice welding/brazing,” when you see a painted/unpainted frame. -- Grant Petersen

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