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Thread: I went to Austin this week

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    I went to Austin this week

    I got to ride Walnut Creek Wednesday before the rain got heavy. I tagged along w/a couple of ARR dudes who knew their way around. It's a cool trail. I never ate it tho I did jump off a couple times to avoid just that.

    Got to see Charles (Hammerhead) and his new single-speed (the gray one he posted on RasPa). It's uberlite and seeexxxxyyyy.

    I enjoyed my brief foray into the rocky terrain of Travis County. I'm glad to be home and can't wait until our trails are dry enough to ride again.

    Oh yah: I gotta tighten up my headset. I got sideways against a rock at WC and now it's a little loose and creaky. I hope it just needs a little wrench-luv and not replacment. I go no $$ for that sorta thing.

    This has very little to do w/Houston MTB, but I am a Houston MTBer, and I'm gonna keep the love here at home, ya know?

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    hey, fathead, was rappin with my main tech man at the LBS and he says WC is a good place to ride. Lots of people, lots of girls. I plan on riding there this November.
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