Okay, there are always slow and medium paced rides posted. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and call out some hammerhead Mojos out to Rocky Hill on Sunday for a fast ride. -Sorry for the late notice..I posted it on other furums though.

I'd like to do 3 fast laps...maybe even a fourth. I think Rocky hill will be nice because if someone gets dropped (even if its me), they can always get back without the group worrying. This is to be a fast ride with no guilt of dropping (or getting pissed because you got dropped). Doing three laps may equalize the pace a little I'm hoping this could become a trend at different locations.

Wheels down at 9:00.

Who's with me?
I know there has to be other people tired of biting at the bit! Lett'r rip!

sorry for the cross post