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Thread: Helmet cam.

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    Helmet cam.

    I spotted some dude in the park Saturday with a camera strapped to his helmet and I'm wondering if it's someone from this group or known by this group. I'd like to see a copy of the film and send it back to my bro in the UK. As far as most Brits as concerned Texas is 'Westerns' and therefore all cactus and tumble weed and to be able to send a dvd showing a wooded trail would be cool.


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    Pedalmasher does a lot of filming on his rides. You could PM him here on MoJo. I think his username is Pedalmasher. Or you can go to his website at where he has a lot of really cool race and ride videos.

    As for if it was him in Houston, I don't know, but his site is still really cool.
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