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Thread: Trails around the woodlands

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    Trails around the woodlands

    I live near enough to the woodlands, and was wondering if there are any real good trails in this area... I used to live in cypresswood, so I know all that stuff, and have pretty much exhausted that area... Coming from Waco, and the TMBRA races its going to take a little more than a few sandy hills to excite me, any suggestions?

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    sorry to there isn't. the nice folks at the woodlands operating company have no interest in an MTB trail sys or any other form of recreation outside of the established parks and rec area's. all of the un-developed land in the woodlands is owned by the woodland's assoc./operating company and is marked as private property. they will fine and or prosecute any violators. unfortunatley, they think people should only ride bicycles on sidewalks.

    i lived in the woodlands for 4yrs and mostly rode huntsville,cypresswood,mem park and the ant hills with an occasional trip to warda or rocky hill. sorta sucks living in h-town if you're a hardcore mtbiker.

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