It's that time of year again! GHORBA board elections. Monday, March 14th we'll be holding our annual elections for positions on the board. All positions are open whether someone is rerunning or not, so please consider throwing your hat in the ring. The board includes people who spend many hours on multiple projects, as well as people who pick only small pet projects and spend more time helping with trail work. The board welcomes all types of people with lots of time or only a few precious hours to offer. I think you'll find it a rewarding experience.

With our political efforts dwindling, things are very positive. GHORBA has obtained donations and grants for our trail work at Stephen F Austin State Park and for our kids program (thanks to Northwest Cycling Club and REI!!). We have been working with the Houston Parks Department and the Memorial Park Conservancy on reopening the area called the Triangle. The people with Jack Brooks continue to bust hump working on the trails there. Cypresswood has a very good possibilit of becoming an official park thanks to our member efforts. And we're holding our 3rd TMBRA race this spring. This organization has truly grown and accomplished so much in the last 5 years. But what makes it great are the volunteers who put in passion and time to the things that are important to those of us who love the dirt.

Monday, March 14th at Otto's BBQ 7:00 p.m.. Otto's is located on Memorial Drive east of Memorial Park between Westcott and Detering Streets. We appreciate everyone driving in from points all over Houston! We will host other meetings down south and again later on the west side of town.