Hello Houston,
I am the Texas Field Marketing Manager for Clif Bar Inc. I am looking for a Lead Rep in the Houston Area. This is a part time job about 30-40 hours a month. You will usually work Thursday-Sunday. The job discribution is listed below. If you are interested please send me a private message with your bio or resume.

LEAD REP – Houston

Lead Reps are accountable for assisting the Field Marketing Representatives in implementing creative, grass-roots field marketing strategies and to maximize opportunities for consumer exposure to Clif Bar products through direct consumer sampling at various venues, talking directly with target consumers about product features and value, spreading the “word of Clif” by being Clif Bar ambassadors, and gathering direct consumer feedback and information.

Lead Reps are located throughout the United States to support sales and marketing efforts in their areas. Lead Reps will also reinforce relationships with influential promoters, and retailers.

Description of Responsibilities:
• Develop a strong presence for Clif Bar products in assigned geographic and target demographic markets. Represent all that the company and products stand for.
• Educate consumers on general principals of nutrition, latest nutritional trends, ingredients and stated nutritional claims of our competitors’ products, and ingredients and nutritional benefits of Clif Bar products.

• Insure that Clif Bar Inc. is accurately and effectively represented at events.
• Insure that event logistics and contractual elements for the event are upheld and executed.
• Communicate directly with event promoters/directors to coordinate logistics and elements of contracts once on-site.
• Create and insure a high-quality and professional interaction with consumers at the booth including presentation of the booth, communication with consumers, enthusiasm of the staff, booth set-up and clean up.
• Recruit, train and supervise staff for sponsored events set up by Regional Field Marketing Representative as requested.
• Implement creative ideas to enhance on-site Clif Bar Experience and adapt ideas to different locations, times of year and types of events.
• Provide event feedback based on event objectives.
• Submit reports in Word Document and email back to Field Marketing Manager within one week after the event.

• Hire and train a staff of independently contracted sub-representatives to be available for temporary assignments. Monitor, track and report activities and complete and forward time sheets, invoices and expenses to Regional Field Marketing Manager for approval.

• Prepare expense reports, sub rep invoices, and log hours within one week of receiving/incurring them and provide details and receipts.
• Prepare event analyses and summarize event activities, measure and evaluate results of field marketing efforts.
• Process all invoices and expenses within one week of receiving/incurring them and provide details and receipts.
• Lead Rep must be able to complete these administrative requests from their personal computer and “home” office.

• Clif Bar will pay the Lead Representative $15/hr.
• Lead Reps are not employees of Clif Bar Inc.
• Clif Bar Assistant Field Marketing Representative must at all times maintain an appropriate standard of conduct. “Appropriate” will be determined at the sole discretion of Clif Bar Inc.

• Lead Rep must have a flexible schedule and commit to work approximately 30 hrs/mo.
• Must be able to commit to at least 1-3 events a month.
• Lead Rep must live in the immediate area, with residency in the area at a minimum of 2 years.
• Lead Rep must have access to a computer and the internet.
• Lead Rep must have access/own a cell phone for communication on-site at events with the Field Manager.
• Lead Rep must own a car
• Lead Rep must be able to incur cash expenses (either with personal cash or a personal credit card) that will be reimbursed by Clif Bar.
• Lead Rep must have dependable means of transportation, valid driver’s license, and their own car insurance. (Rep will be paid for any incurred auto expenses that are related to events, i.e. gas, miles, etc).

• Lead rep must pay for own cell phone.
• CBI will not be responsible for payment of internet/DSL connection.
• CBI will reimburse lead-rep for expenses incurred working for Clif Bar (include per diem, event supplies, lodging, office supplies, etc when necessary).