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Thread: Scary Guy in WG Jones State Park

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    Scary Guy in WG Jones State Park

    For any of you who bike,hike, horseback ride, or take part in otherwise LEGITIMATE activities at WG Jones State Park on FM 1488 be careful. As we all know, there are always odd people who lurk about there. However, I would caution you to watch for a lone white male with wavy shoulder-length brown hair in a compact, 4-door, gold sedan. Today, after I finished my ride, he was parked at the other end of the lot and there was no one else in the park--as I was sitting on my tailgate drinking some water before leaving, he leaves his spot and pulls in RIGHT NEXT to me. Now, I know this is not against the law but it definitely invaded my space and inspired me to get the hell out of there. We all know he wasn't there for any good reason, and unlike the police I prefer not to wait until the asshole actually tries something before warning others.

    So anyway, that's my public service deed for the day. Be careful out there.

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    always be on the lookout for #1.
    Ya'll don't know what it's like
    being male, middle class and white.

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