Built for beginners....


The Women's Race is all about fun and adventure! Both courses have been designed for beginners, but will be challenging for all participants with many fun and exciting surprises! The Women's Race is a team-based race. Two-woman teams run, walk and splash together over a course full of fun special tests that will take between 1.5 and 3 hours to complete. This race is a benefit for the YSC (Young Survival Coalition).

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Run/Hike/Walk Description
There will be 2 run/hike sections. The first section will be approximately 1.5 miles. The second section will be approximately 2.5 - 3.5 miles.

Racer Requirements
All you need for this section is the ability to run or walk 3 miles, a great attitude and a smile!

Equipment Requirements
Your teammate and a good pair of shoes. Running shoes will work and trail running shoes will work even better!

Water Leg Description
The water section is your chance to be creative. Teams will complete this section in watercraft they have brought or better yet built!

Racer Requirements
Each team must provide their own watercraft and PFDs (life jackets). Teams may build floats or bring store bought water craft such as rafts, pool noodles or kick boards.

Equipment Requirements
2 PFDs (life jackets)
1 to 2 water craft
Water craft can be home made or store bought - just about anything that floats! The only prohibited watercraft are hard shelled boats, kayaks and canoes (hard plastic, aluminum, etc.) but inflatable boats are ok! Dont forget there is a contest for the best 3 watercraft!

Mystery Events Description Mystery Events can be physical challenges such as running handcuffed with a teammate. They can also require intellect such as solving a word problem. All the Mystery Events in the Women's Adventure Race are designed so teams can be successful, feel challenged and definitely have fun!

Racer Requirements A great attitude and smile are all it takes!

Equipment Requirements You and your teammate!

There are several ways to win and get involved with the race:
Awards will be given for the top 5 of each category.

Costume Contest: Show your true spirit for having fun in the sun with a great costume! Costumes will be judged before the race begins, awarding the top 5 costumes. Be creative!

Float Contest: You may not have the fastest float, but style counts for alot! Build your own float for the water leg to enter the float contest. The top 5 floats will be selected and awarded some great prizes.

Fundraiser Contest: Fundraise your way to Queen Bee status and perhaps a top fundraiser award. Fundraiser awards are based on individual monies raised (not a team contest). The top fundraisers will be determined on September 3, 2006. Be sure to have your donations in by this date to be counted towards the fundraiser competition. The top fund raiser will receive their choice between a new mountain bike from Bicycle Sports Shop or a night of sailing for 4 from SailTime. Second place fund raiser will receive the remaining prize.