For those that are aware of Pedigre's Mountain Bike Resource (http://mtb.pedigresplace.com) and appreciate it, thank you. For those that are not, just pretend you are and read on. Unfortunately, PMBR will be going offline, ideally sooner than later. Fortunately, it is being replaced by mountainbiketx.com which promises to be a bazillion times better...ok, maybe bazillion is a slight exaggeration.

Anyway, I need a little assistance in order to make the site somewhat close to fully functional come launch time. Unlike PMBR, we would like to fill mountainbiketx.com with more content before launching. So, for those who are willing to help us help everyone else I am asking for the following:

- quality mountain bike-related photos (please include which park/trail the photo was taken at, date (if available), a caption if you wish to provide one, and the photo MUST belong to you). If you would like to be given credit below the photo let me know. We do not guarantee that all photos submitted will be used.

- bike shops in Texas. Please include the name of the shop, a phone number and/or a website. Feel free to add your opinion/experience with the shop. Any additional information is welcome.

- Associations/clubs within in Texas other than the ones currently listed on PMBR. An organization name, phone number and/or website and any additional information you may know about the organization.

- Any "how-to" type articles you wish to contribute. Anything from routine bike maintenance to riding techniques to whatever as long as it is somewhat mtb related. Photos are welcome as part of the article.

- We also welcome the following: personal website links if relevant to mtbin' / videos (links to or actual files)

Any of the above may be submitted through PMBR using the appropriate form or email me at webmaster@pedigresplace.com or webmaster@mountainbiketx.com

Thanks in advance for any contributions or suggestions provided!

Ride on!