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Thread: My New Ride!

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    My New Ride!

    I'm new to bikemojo even though I've been riding and racing in Texas since 1992 so I thought I would join and introduce myself. I ride Singlespeeds almost exclusively with the exception of one Karpiel Disco Volante Downhill rig that gets beat up in the Rockies and La Sals and Sierras every Summer. I started SSing back in 1997 and haven't looked back, as most of you know it becomes an obsession. I just built this bike a month ago and since then my other bikes have been collecting cobwebs. Enjoy

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    that's impressive. should be able to climb the walls with it. Foreign Affairs Bureau Chief

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    Hey Matt,
    Hope to see you on the trail in the morning.
    No one really comes to this Houston forum, mostly the Raspa is where all the cool kids are.

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