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Thread: Battle of the Brazos

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    Battle of the Brazos

    Two weekend races Sunday 8/23 & Sunday 8/30
    $15 per race + park entry fee of $4
    payout 3-5 deep depending on racer numbers
    no USAC license required
    start time = 9am
    promoter reserves the right to change your category.

    Cat 1 = 4 laps (guess-itmate 1h 20min race time, probably less)
    Cat 2 = 3 laps
    Cat 3 = 2 laps
    Women = 2 laps
    Junior - 1 lap

    North around the Picnic Loop (pavement, only on the first lap), Pileated Trail to the Amipitheater trail,
    North on Cottonwood to Opossum Loop, Left on Raccoon Bend, Right on Cottonwood
    Right on Opossum Loop then left on Raccoon Bend out to Cottonwood
    Cottonwood west to Copperhead Trail
    Copper head to Riverbend to Brazos Trail
    South on Sycamore trail to Raptor and Wren Loop trail
    Along the bank to Sycamore up Ironwood around the camping area back to the Start/ Finish Area

    Other notes:
    Cyclocross bikes are possible, but donít blame us if you trash your carbon tubulars on the bumpy trails
    Watch out for other park users
    Please observe the park rule of no pubic display of alcoholic consumption
    No public urination nor foul language, as this is a family event
    The promoter reserves the right to boot anyone who jeopardizes the ability to host the event

    check as more info becomes available.

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    hey bill

    would it be possible to borrow catherine for a night? i need another true bad asss to accompany me...

    bill, i give you sh!t for no other reason than i like you as a person bub, nothing more, but i like your wife because she is beautiful!!!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! i'll buy you a beer whenever, bro!

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    bumP for the bike race thread...

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