Hey all. It’s only 1 week to go to Houston’s biggest MTB party – the Big Ring Challenge race weekend at Double Lake Recreation area, May 1st & 2nd . I know all the hard core racers are already locked and loaded to compete in this 6th race of the Texas State MTB Championship Series, but we’d like to invite some of you who are new to mountain bike racing, or perhaps never even considered racing before.

Double Lake is a great trail for beginners because it is not technical, but it is great fun to ride. And “Fun” is the key word here. MTB racing is fun. The race is divided into three categories, with Cat-3 designed for beginners. Racing in Cat-3 is low-key and enjoyable. There are groups for every age group and gender – so ladies, you’ll be racing with the girls, not a bunch of pushy men. If you are new, plan on attending the Beginner Race Clinic held at 1pm on Saturday put on by TMBRA - this is free and well worth attending.

Aside from that, the event really is a festival atmosphere. As TMBRA President Scott Schaeffer once said: “Putting on a race is like having a party with 500 of my closest friends”.

The BRC really is one of Houston’s premier cycling events where we host competitors from all over Texas. We always put on a good show, but we always need more Volunteers to help do it smoothly. Anyone can volunteer – we’ll need help with setup, feed zone, course marshals, parking , clean up and a host of other little jobs. If you volunteer, we’ve got a few freebies and rewards, depending on input, but the main thing is you will really enjoy helping running the event.

Everything you need to know is at http://www.ghorba.org/rides-events/2...ring-challenge

if you’d like to volunteer – just e-mail us at racing@ghorba.org

More about MTB racing here - www.tmbra.org

Look forward to seeing you there!

Kevin Higfield