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The newsletter clipping above shows the challenge mountain bikers faced 25 years ago when IMBA set out on a mission to build and protect trails for you to enjoy.

Look how far we’ve come — we could never have done it without supporters like you.

It also shows why we need your Annual Fund donation today to support the next 25 years of mountain biking.

Make no mistake; groups are working right now to get bikes banned from trails in many parts of the country. And resources for recreation are being slashed nationwide.

Just this year, IMBA helped preserve funding for the 20-year-old Recreational Trails Program (RTP) that put 15,000 trails on the ground. Without RTP, opportunity for new and improved riding would have dried up.
Aren’t the trails you enjoy worth riding again next year and beyond? Give now to protect them and help build more.

I'm budgeting 2013 trail building projects now. Your year-end, tax-deductible gift will open local bike parks, exciting gravity trails and flowing ribbons of singletrack.

Give now to help power the Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crews to teach thousands of volunteers in hundreds of towns and cities how to build, manage and maintain trails and bike parks.

Give now to help teach a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts to love America's great outdoors. In October IMBA put 10,000 kids on bikes at Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day events. Your gift will make 2013's kids programs even bigger.

Give now so the next time you’re out enjoying the fresh air you’ll know you are helping millions to do the same.

Great mountain biking starts with you. On behalf of mountain bikers everywhere I'm counting on your help — please give today and ask your riding buddies to support IMBA's work too.

Here's to great rides next year and beyond,

Michael Van Abel, Executive Director

P.S. Next year marks IMBA's 25th Anniversary. Give $35 or more today and receive a free collector's edition IMBA Calendar, or choose from other free thank-you gifts.

Every donation also earns 20 per cent off all the gear at the IMBA store — give today and get your riding buddies holiday gifts for less.