At the last club meeting, Bryan passed out an e-mail asking for contact info for anyone intersted in getting involved in planning bike lanes in the area. I responded, but apparently I was the only one. I got a response from this person, and here is part of what she said:

"I do not understand why people wouldn't be interested in working with the Public Outreach team that will be handling the Waco Bicycle and Pedestrian plans--we are trying our best to try to compile a database that can represent a group that has needs for these paths in Waco, but I am getting no response.

Rick if you could, please try to get a contact list of the Waco Bicycle club that could be added to our database, as well as, any and all other members of Baylor who would be interested in supporting the City of Waco's needs concerning the Pedestriand and Bicycle Paths.

As you well know, the lack of response demonstrates to the City of Waco that there isn't a group or people in the community who want to speak up about the needs and wants of the bicycling community."

I see this as a great opportunity to improve some of the roads we ride, and maybe even get across a message to stop the current trend of "chip sealing" the roads. Anyone interested in this should send an email to Christa Stafford at