Texas Racers/Riders,

On March 11-14th professional and amateur teams from all over the world will make their way to Waco, Texas in order to compete for both North American Championship Series (NCS) and Union Cycliste Internationale Series (UCI) points. Spectators, vendors, and fellow competitors will watch the world’s best while they slug it out on some of the “BEST MUNICIPAL SINGLE-TRACK IN THE COUNTRY.” --Bike Magazine, 8(6), pp. 44-51.

As an Olympic bid year, we expect in excess of 8,000 participants and some 20,000 spectators! This promises to by a cycling event of epic proportion with national and international press, corporate vendors, local sponsors, professional organization representatives, ancillary support personnel, volunteers, clubs/organizations, and the general public all in attendance.

However, this is a daunting undertaking. The logistical and financial burden of hosting such an event is staggering. The licensure alone for a NORBA NCS is $35,000! Plus, an $18,000 professional purse is required by the UCI--critical in an Olympic bid year! This means TMBRA must raise $53,000 in permit fees alone!

Excluding the regular costs associated with the Spring Championship Series and the Fall Cup, TMBRA must now raise revenue for both permit fees AND operating costs for the NORBA National. Although a tentative budget of $50,000 has been projected, the final receipt will likely approach $100,000. As I mentioned before; it’s a daunting task!

TMBRA desperately needs your help! There are approximately 4 months in which to raise ~$100,000. We have very generous and competent volunteers working feverishly to raise this money. However, it’s not going to be enough. We need your help as well!

TMBRA has worked with Team Big Bear / Blue Wolf Events to develop a very flexible sponsorship package. There are ample opportunities of giving that will accommodate any level of support. Even if you are unable to make a product or cash donation, potentially the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION could be a referral! Please reach out to your local businesses and community organizations and help spread the word. If you do know of someone who might be interested in helping with this historic event please contact the appropriate TMBRA representative.

Cash Donations: Lisa Nye, 830-896-6864, hillbike@ktc.com

Product Donations: Diane Dolan, 512-237-3112, ride24more@yahoo.com

Sponsorship Referrals: Mark Trevino, 210-732-8111, mark@gtoadv.com

Rob Leffel
TMBRA Rider Representative