I did it again! I took the training wheels off my MTB too soon and tried to keep up with the big boys. I should know better. I just competed two week of antibiotics for the infected laceration I got when I tried to destroy myself doing what the big guys did. Today my left arm looks like I was on the wrong end of a shotgun blast and my bruised abdomen looks like a Cesarean section gone wrong, not to mention what is going to happen in a couple of days when the poison ivy breaks out. You know. The way these MTBers treat me, you'd think they were beneficiaries of my life insurance policy! Well, at least I got one good piece of advice - invest in Johnson & Johnson. First Johnson & Johnson, then put the training wheels back on the bike and then invent air bags for the thing. At least I'm able to walk and have no broken bones. I know that today is Saturday, Aug 31, 1928; that the Lone Ranger is President and the St. Louis Browns are going to win the pennant.