Just FYI….
For anyone interested in inline skating we have 2 world class indoor speed skating coaches in the world in Waco, and they’re starting a new speed team. Skate World, 401 Towne Oaks, Waco. There was an article about them (Charlie Lucas & Chris Tidwell) in last Friday’s Waco Tribune Herald.

It’s also a great workout for both parents and kids to do together, indoor (especially during the winter). There’s nothing more humbling than to be beaten by your 8 year old daughter/son on a 2 lap race. If you have kids who like to skate and like speed this is the place to be.

Indoor Inline racing is done at the skate rink and is just like the short track ice racing you saw at the Olympics with Apollo Ohno. And it’s great cross training for cycling…builds lots of leg power and strength and quickness.

Helmets are required and I’ll bet you can rent inline skates at the rink for the practice. Currently the practices are from 6-6:45 pm on Friday evenings at Skate World. Call Charlie or Barbara Lucas for information at 254-722-7500.
You’ll find me and Mike at the indoor practices as well as skating/riding bikes outdoors.