Thank you Bicycles Outback and Waco Bike Club and the City of Waco and Tres Mares ? and the Luna Chix and Shonny V. for presenting a wonderful clinic Nov. 1 -2. It was my first time to bike Cameron Park, and it was just awesome. I have already interested my chiropractor and his wife in stopping there some day soon. And I will continue to pass the word about the phenomenal biking. I'll be back.

Special thanks to Sergio for the food AND watching my back on Powder Monkey, Rio Perdido, and many more, Stephanie for adopting me and encouraging me on Vortex (which I loved), Suzanne and Stacy for the skills sessions, the two Rustys for many deeds, Ian for all he did, Kim for all she did, Fred for lending his support, Spencer for putting up with me the first day and Sam for his work, and Dawn and Alvis, and the good-looking gal with the microphone, and the Luna Chix for energy treats, and Bob for tending to cracked knees and noses and all, and Billie for the yoga, and the others whose names I did not get or forgot.

I adore an event which makes me feel much younger than my 62 years. Everyone who has attended these clinics just raves about them, and for good reason.

Marti Buckwalter
Austin, Texas

Forgive me to those I inadvertenly left out. There were tons of volunteers.

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