hi; I'm not an expert on the mechanics of bicycles yet, but i ride a beach cruiser 20 miles a day at 20mph. anyway; its about a year and a half old, and i got it from wal-mart but the spokes are braking, and the chain busted when i tried to race a bus going 40. what i was wondering is if there is any bike known to be idiot proof.
i like to ride bmx trails, race buses @ 40mph, and get that 20 miles to work every day, even in the snow, but i'm no good at changing gears or doing tune-ups. that's why i bought a beach-cruiser (one gear only). however, i was also planning on doing a cross-country trip from Aurora colorado to beomont california. so i know i need a low-maintenence, high speed, load bearing bike. Any suggestions? p.s. i don't speak cyclist, could you say it very simply please?