Below is the design for the Adopter sign that will be installed at the major McAllister trailheads sometime in March. Please follow these directions when reporting a violation of park regulations. What is not included on the sign is what we need trail users to do. In addition to reporting to San Antonio Parks and Recreation (SAPAR) or Park Police, please forward pictures, videos, a detailed description of the situation, and GPS coordinates to, if possible. This will allow us to follow up with the correct department and push for a solution. Parks Police contacts SAPAR to find out what groups were or werenít supposed to be doing work in the park on that day to make sure they were correct in citing or not. SAPAR then contacts STORM to determine if anyone was working out there on STORMís behalf. This means that we would have emails/permits to follow up with as proof that someone did have permission to be out there on behalf of STORM. Regarding the person on the motorized vehicle on the natural surface multi-user trails, please DO NOT try to confront him. Please get pictures, video, a detailed description, and GPS coordinates. Report to Park Police as stated above and please provide the information requested above in an email to Please reference section 22-4.1 (no motorized vehicles) and 22-26.1 (unauthorized trail work) when calling Park Police.