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Thread: I want to build a trail through Castle Hills

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    I want to build a trail through Castle Hills

    i went on a little walk through the woods today on a strip of land between some rail road tracks and a creek.

    i walked form 410 to Dreamland (unmarked road south of Wurzbach) and i think the trail could keep going all the way to 1604. it would be easy to blaze a trail through most of it if we stay on the east side of the creek. the west side of the creek would mean going through a lot of people's back yards. the deer have kindly made some nice paths through a lot of the woods and i found a well-defined path through most of the rest.

    i am pretty sure building a trail through here would be frowned-upon by many. we can do it anyways, but what would it take to get the city to embrace this strip of land as a trail, similar to Salado?

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    There used to be a trail back there that ran from West Ave. to past Wurzbach. There was even a motocross track by Dreamland named the castle. Bogeyman and I used to be on those trail, though they were a jeep trail. No single track that I can remember.
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    How to get new trails in front of Creekway Board

    I believe this is in City Council District 8.

    Howard Peak who heads the Linear Creeek Park Board asked the board members at a meeting last year to look at other creekways in their areas that might be part of a expanded program. It's important to note that this is very preliminary and exploratory only - there is no funding for this and would require approval through a future bond issue. Nonetheless, it may be worth contacting your district rep on the board to at least get it on the radar screen. The Linear Creekway Board member for District 8 is Julia Diana (I don't have her number). Another option is contacting Greg Hammer, a mountain biker who is representing District 7 on the board and who has coordinated with Julia on this request. Alan

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    There were ideas on constructing paths here in a 'Rails to Trails' type project. Have ridden from 410 to Huebner on this rail line before. There is also an old golf course with some trails on the other side of Wurzbach.
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    From the looks of it, that land may be the RR's right of way. First, I would check with city/county records to see who the title holder is on the land. If it's the city, then get with the guys who are representing STORM on the parks board and talk with them about it. It might be able to be incorporated into the plan that's already in effect.

    If you build without permission, and it is city property, you could jeopardize what they are working towards. If you build w/o and its the RR, they'll prosecute.
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