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Thread: 2010 Mas-O-Menos/Terlingua Thread

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    MoJo SuppoRteR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert G. View Post
    I agree, I only rode 2 days. Need at least a week.
    I'm leaving for another week out there next Saturday ....missing the Comfort Event unfortunately ..but it's Spring Break for the kiddos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blammo View Post
    . Bear used to come into the Basin via the Lost Mine Trail back in the 1940's.

    Damn, I didn't realize he was that old.
    Outer space is just 62 miles away.

    "There are circumstances in life that cause us to become strangers even to ourselves."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toobin' Tobin View Post
    Consider packing more firewood to bring with you instead of beer. They have beer at the Boathouse. They do not have firewood at the Boathouse.

    The truckfull may not be enough. If it ends up being too much, the wood will not go to waste, firewood is like gold in Terlingua, it will get used by someone in need.
    I found this interesting...

    Second paragraph.

    Often....I find myself asking myself what I have learned from the journey....We are lucky to be here, on this beautiful planet. We are lucky to have the short amount of time that we are granted. And we are lucky that our beautiful planet hasn't killed us (yet).

    -Anthony Sloan Singlespeedster RIP

    Today is a good day to ride.

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    is the mountain bike article oot yet?
    Ya'll don't know what it's like
    being male, middle class and white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert G. View Post
    I found this interesting...

    Second paragraph.
    Been there, done that. Their "firewood" is scrap slag from a lumber mill. Yes it burns, but very quickly. At least now it's free.

    "...Despues me dijo un arriero
    que no hay que llegar primero,
    pero hay que saber llegar."

    El Rey - Jose Alfredo Jimenez

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