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Thread: so tell me......

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    so tell me......

    ...about riding in the Fort Worth, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Double Oak Area. and tell me about the shops. what/who's good and what/who's not...

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    Tough question as that's a pretty large area. I live in the Mid-Cities, which is very close to the airport and work in downtown FW. We do a lot of rides kind of in the middle of the area you describe.

    Good road routes scattered all over. The shops in town can give specifics as to where you would like to go and accomplish. We have a good route through Arlington that has good climbs and milage. The best routes seem to be north of Grapevine, Flower Mound, Keller area. Bikes Inc and Mad Duck have some fairly large group rides to help you learn routes.

    The GV, Mid-Cities, Lewisville area is what I would consider the premiere area for MTB trails. That puts you very close to the Lake Grapevine trail systems of Northshore, Horseshoe and Knob Hills. It also gives you fairly easy access to easier trails in town like LB Houston and River Legacy as well. DORBA, for all the "problems," does a fantastic job of maintaining a wide variety of trails all over the metroplex. Within an hour and a half drive, you also would have Bar-H Ranch, Cleburne, Dino Valley and Cameron Park. Details on all those trails can be found on the trails page on DORBA's website. They are some damn fine mtb trails. Cameron and Bar-H are both on the TMBRA series. The other two are also hella fun.

    Urban action is found within pockets of people. Good stuff in the downtown areas of FW and Dallas. We have also found some fun stuff in Arlington close to and on the UTA campus. It really helps to discover those folks who do it. They can be found on the DORBA forum if you ask nicely.

    Shops for me start and end at Mad Duck in Grapevine. I now have bought three bikes from there in the last year. Its a predominatly high end shop, but the customer service can't be beat. They won shop of the year this past year in an industry magazine. Bluebonnet Bikes in Lewisville seems to cater more to a roadie clientele. Bikes Inc is the major Trek/Specialized dealer in Tarrant County. I have had real hit and miss service from them and generally don't go unless its an emergency.

    I will probably move downtown or very close to it when my current lease is up or I get fed up with my neighbors. Knowing where you will work, to me is tantamount to deciding where to live. I don't like long commutes and there are plenty of those to be had.

    We'd be more than happy to have you join us. There is a pretty good group of guys that do a lot of riding together in the area you mentioned. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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    Yeah, what he said. ^
    Outer space is just 62 miles away.

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    Ditto squared. Just got my 25 miles worth of hills and fun.

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