Sorry for the late posting:

Despite turnout depressed by the holiday weekend, broken bikes and expectant parents, we had our first sprint finish, with Ryan just edging out Newguy who suffered a flat on his first lap. Greg Parham made his triumphant return, but a tricky gear on his single speed made him miss the first lap, followed by a flat on the third. I got around the course unscathed, which was a nice confidence boost after my mishaps the previous week.

Sean Ahmadi 23:22 - overall winner
Kevin Fish 24:49 - Junior
Ryan Albert 29:23 - Masters
John "Newguy" Hatlelid 29:23- Collegiate
Greg Parham - singlepeed

Deckmate News:

Greg Parham joined the Texas 4000 this week on their leg from San Francisco to Portland, helping to raise money for cancer.

Big congratulations to cutthroat deckmate Jeff Carmody, who this week welcomed our new powdermonkey Noah Emmett Carmody into the world.

Speaking of juniors, the entire crew wishes Kevin Fish the best of luck as his prepares to head to Sonoma for the NORBA national championship. Race hard and and have a great time; we look forward to seeing you when you get back.

The rest of you scurvy dogs had best be out there tonight, because I can assure you the racing will be rated ARRRRRRRRRRGGHH.

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