Beautiful night to race tonight, and a couple new faces made it out, including Mason O'Neil (Sun and Ski), who set a new course record. O'Neil blazed through five laps in 21:39, besting Sean Ahmadi's mark by 41 seconds. Ryan Albert came in second, allowing him to move up into first place in the season standings. Dustin Payne joined us as as well. Tonight was his first race EVER and he went like a champ! I ran handlebars 2 inches narrower than on my Iron Horse and liked that much better. Ian Hallet, still waiting on UPS to pay up for mangling his bike, broke a chain on the way to the course, but is still hovering in third place on the season. The rest of you (new fathers, tapering juniors, and fundraisers notwithstanding) are yellow, scurvy dogs. You BEST be there next week.

Arrrrr says I. Arrrrrgh.