Great turnout and some real fast racing last night. We had Ian Hallet entertaining us with his mad trialing skills, and even the Red Bull girls stopped by as we were lining up to start to randomly lavish us with free stuff.

It was good to see all the new faces, next time I promise I'll walk the course beforehand and figure out where the thorns are hiding!

1) Cody Baron (Orthopedic Store)
2) Tim Clements (Colonel Racing)
3) Fred Castro (University of Texas)
4) Ryan Albert
5) Chris Collins (University of Texas)
6) Jacob Wood
7) Paul Morales (NRC/Pedalmasher)
8) Kenton Stephans

Look forward to seeing everyone next week. If you get a chance, take a look at my poll about having a "legit" short track series in Austin, and send me some feedback on your thoughts.


What I have in mind:

Cap't Stack