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Thread: New Roadbiker.....

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    New Roadbiker.....

    Part time anyway. And no, I am not a "Roadie" I only own one pair of Lycras and only wear them when my baggies are wet and nasty.
    Anyways, I just bought my first roadbike and hope to give it a shot sometime next week. I got tired of waiting for trails to dry and sitting around at home tinkering with my FS. Hell, I caught myself already looking for fatter tires that are somewhat flat proof..... I need to get out of that mindset.

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    You bought that Fuji? Do you have it yet? I will be riding Saturday in Temple with Larry.

    And next week I will be on vacation starting Wednesday. If you get off early Thursday, come over and we'll go for a spin on the roads south of town--- Featherline, chapparal to 195--down 195 and swing east through Youngsport and back acrossed the lake. A 28 mile loop--challenging in the summer--shouldnt be bad now.

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    Martin, you're slipping! next thing you know you'll be shaving your legs and hanging out with Loco.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zander View Post
    Martin, you're slipping! next thing you know you'll be shaving your legs and hanging out with Loco.

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    Welcome to the club. I started the roadie thing for the same reason - tired of wet trails and looking at dry roads. Make sure your fit is good and you ease into it. You'll turn the pedals much more on a road bike, so you'll initially be prone to overuse injury.

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