Hello all!
so here we are, these are the minutes/highlights/important things to do/remember for this upcoming year of pedaling!

1. Risk Release Form! this is a must and has to be done ASAP. below is the link

2. usacycling collegiate license, this costs $30. this is a necessity for racing, if you aren't sure how much you will be racing you can buy a day pass at the races, but i recommend just buying one now. navigate through usacycling and you will find it. *usacycling licences expire December 31st, so if you are only interested in racing road season in the spring, do not buy one this semester.

3. Dues, as we decided, dues will be $100 per season, or $175 for mtb and road. we need these stat so please bring them to the next meeting on Wednesday, more info on the meeting location below.

4. Kits, the officers are ironing out the wrinkles on this one, and as soon as we are ready to place an order you will be the first to know.

5. Training Schedule. MTB rides will meet on wednesdays @ 5pm, and fridays @ 10:30, and road rides will meet friday @ 3pm, all on the patio to the hub bicycle shop on the square. as we all know, schedules dont always mesh, so dont be afraid to use facebook/bikemojo/the mail tool on the tracs site to announce when you would like to ride to the rest of us. on that note, i believe i will make a mapmyride.com account for the team, allowing us all to create routes for training, more info on that soon.

6. the mtb schedule is as follows, and can be found at www.thescccc.org

September 3-4: Camp Eagle Classic (Rocksprings, TX)
September 24-25: University of Texas (Comfort, TX)
October 1-2: University of North Texas (Glen Rose, TX)
October 8-9: University of Houston (Smithville, TX)
October 15-16: Conference Championships (Warda, TX)

7. Transportation: if you have a tow-worthy vehicle, or a big-body-swanger (vehicle capable of taking people) please let me know as soon as possible as this is a required form to fill out with the sports clubs office.

8.Social Media.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/166667252775/
Bike Mojo: http://www.bikemojo.com/speak/forumd...e-Cycling-Team <lets utilize this!
South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference: www.thescccc.org < all the race info you need.

NEXT MEETING: the next meeting is wednesday, August 31, @ 8PM. it will be held at Jeremy Logans house at 505 Park Place. google it, it's not hard to find at all. please have your risk release forms filled out(email me when you do this too), licenses, and dues.

In closing, Michael, Jeremy and myself are thrilled to serve you awesome bike enthusiasts as this great opportunity for us to have fun comes to a start. the past few years have been hard for our club, but we're dedicated to turning it around, and making sure it has a lasting impression on our conference mates at the races. if you have any questions at all feel free to email or call any one of us, as we are here to serve you and answer any questions you have.
Colin Bromley(president): cb1619@txstate.edu; 512-825-9940
Michael Sheehan (vice-president): ms1866@txstate.edu; 512-656-1968
Jeremy Logan (treasurer): jl1599@txstate.edu; 210-478-7660

so, take it easy, drink a bunch of water...yep, even more than you think, and GO PEDAL YER BIKES! whether it be to the store, class, a friends, a party, or 75 miles, it doesnt matter, strap on your helmet, turn on your lights, and get a spin in, it all helps.

Colin Bromley
B.S. Geography- Resources and Environmental Studies
Texas Stream Team- Core Water Quality Monitoring certified
Water Aid International, Texas State Chapter- Member
The Bike Cave Bicycle Cooperative- Facilitator
Texas State Cycling Team- President