Email me if you wish to obtain any –

They are 1 3/4” tall by 5 3/8” long.

Right now this is the only size I have, but I will have another batch sometime in the very near future of larger sized stickers, and potential additional batches of the smaller ones, depending on requests.
The small ones I’m going to (currently) price at $2.00 each excluding Orange Reflective, those are $3.00 each. . No bulk discount. I don’t have bulk to sell, yet. The orange reflective didn’t scan very crisp. They are very luminescent, .none of the colors scanned at exactly the color tone they were printed with. . I also have a bunch that are multi hybrid colors like sort of a mixed camo color. This image is an actual scan of them. Not corel or adobe.
The orange ones glow at night similar the photo of the van on the bottom.
Email me with any additional ideas, or specific color / size requests for the future batches. Anyone that’s ever bought me a beer at Beethoven Maennerchor Halle may be entitled to at least one sticker (or more) complimentary. Anyone that’s ever mooched a beer out of my cooler and not bought me any in return, the stickers are $4.00 each to you sponges. If you have a pile of collected bike stickers, like you’re a shop or pack rat.. I will consider taking interesting / unique / etc.. bike stickers in trade for mojo stickers, instead of cash. I (at my discretion) will also accept (bike or whatever related ) widgets, gizmos, trinkets, doodads or thigymajiggys that may be of interest.
I will accept Payment sent via SSAE – (stamped self-addressed envelope), at $2.00 per sticker, email me for payment address and any other info. let me know what colors are your first / second choice. I may run out of any one color but ill do my best to have all of them and come up with more very shortly.
Email me if you wish to obtain any –