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anyone been to San Pedro, Belize?

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by , 04-07-2011 at 06:11 PM (12072 Views)
Ruins @ Lamanai were cool, and we got yelled at by Howler Monkeys.

The drive out was when I learned that in Belize you drive on the good side of the road. ;^P

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  1. XIBALBA's Avatar
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    Just now seeing this. Yes--I spent 30 days in Belize for an Archaeological survey and excavation. We spent one four day weekend on San Pedro. It was great. The rest of the time we spent near Blackmon Eddy and the Guatemalan border.
  2. John's Avatar
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    I was there in December 1981, six months after it became an independent country. There were still British sailors covered in tattoos in the bars making eyes after my girlfriend, now my wife. We had taken our first trip together. She had just become a certified diver, and I had been diving for 13 years. The airline lost three of our four suitcases which were finally delivered on day five of a seven day trip. The luggage was delivered soaking wet, probably from the boat one had to take to get to our hotel. Very senic and secluded, just like the postcards. Unfortunately, we had no hot water for the showers, and had to plead with the hotel owner, an alcoholic expatriated American, to turn on the generator for lights at night in our room, which was a thatched hut, open to the outside. And none of this was bothersome for us. I borrowed the motel's dive gear, since mine was lost be the airline, and it leaked air out the top of the regulator in a stream of bubbles. But, I digress . . .
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